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Our custom service dog vests come in a variety of different colors but all have the same key features. They are adjustable, the visible fabric is an outdoor vinyl so it is very durable and can simply be wiped down to clean it. The inner fabric is a soft fleece so it doesn’t chafe the dog. Each vest features a patch that states the dog is a service dog and a clear pocket to visibly show the ID cards. This is handy as it makes the ID card visible without having to constantly reach into your wallet and pull it out when asked for further proof of registration. When ordering the service dog vest, we will need your dogs Girth measurement. Measure all the way around the chest, just behind the front legs in a full circle at the thickest part of the chest. This is to ensure a proper fitting vest.

To order one of our service dog vests, please call 702-610-9504 or click the “Order Form” button to the right.

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